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Want to Sell Your Property
Off Market?

I'll makes the process easy and stress free

Stressed Woman
Building a House

Why people sell me their multi family property


  • Tired of being a landlord

  • Don't want to pay commissions to brokers

  • Ready to cash out portfolio

  • Choose to owner finance for tax benefits

  • Overwhelmed by repairs/deferred maintenance

  • Property needs updating

My Process

1. Contact Me

Via mobile, text, chat or email. Let me know your real estate goals and I'll help!

2. Property Details

 I will ask you for some basic info about your property including current rent rolls, trailing 12 month financials, and your asking price

3. Property Analysis

I analyze your property to see if it fits within the scope of  properties I am interested in. If it is a match, either I or one of my partners will send you a letter of intent 

4. Contract & Due Diligence

Upon agreement of terms, we will write up a contract. Once you review and sign, the due diligence process is initiated. It generally takes 60 days for inspection and financing to come together.

Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains

About SBMF

 I've been buying and rehabbing properties since 2011. Built on 25 years of construction experience, SBMF is not afraid of sketchy structural issues, creepy basements, old roofs or funky electric panels. I have bought old but beautiful, tired and trashed...and breathed new life into them all. 

Past Experiences

I  received a flyer in the mail from SBH. I was nervous about calling, but Shannon was very friendly and easy to work with. I was pleased with the offer. Shannon worked with my timeline and even rented my house back to me for a few weeks, Everything was straight forward, no tricks or gimmicks. She really cared about helping me out and I couldn't be more grateful.

Matthew Johns

I'm in my early 70's and was planning to downsize and move closer to the kids. I was tired of being a landlord and wanted to walk away from my apartment complex without putting anymore money into it. I met with a couple of investors but honestly they seemed a bit sleezy. SBMF was recommended to me by a friend and when I reached out to Shannon, I was  pleased with how she handled everything. 

Carl Gray

I inherited a property from my father after an unexpected death. I live out of state and was overwhelmed by the condition of the property and the amount of stuff my father left behind to sort through. I called Shannon and she came out to see the place. Not only was she gracious and understanding about my circumstances, but she gave me a great, upfront offer and we closed in 7 days! I can't express the relief I felt due to how easy the whole process was.

Kathy Hindman

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