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Our Process

How it works

The steps are straightforward:

1.  Through a phone call I will ask you some basic information about your property (see list below) and determine your goals for selling your property.

2.  Once you provide this information, I will analyze your property to see if it matches my criteria. This is good news! I don't want to waste your time nor mine,  I am looking for specific properties that line up with my, or one of my partners', portfolio. 

3. If your property meets the criteria you will receive a Letter of Intent to nail down specifics before we draw up the contract. Next, we go to contract which will initiate the due diligence phase. 

4. Generally it takes about 60 days to close a multifamily property.

Don't let the process overwhelm you, I am glad to answer your questions and guide the process. 

Old simple white and wood kitchen with h
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Information I need to make you an offer

My offer is based on the current or potential income of the property. I need to see your property's financials to get financing for the deal. You don't need to have all your ducks in a row, but the better the information you provide, the smoother the process.

At a minimum I need:

-- Rent rolls with actual rents and occupancy.  

-- Taxes, insurances, repair bills and, if you pay utilities for the tenants, the utility bills.

-- Your asking price.

Benefits to working with

I pride myself on being a straight shooter. I am looking for properties that meet a specific criteria with opportunities for me or one of my partners to add value to the property. The beauty of working with us we know the process and try to make it as smooth as possible for you.   

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